Confusion at 6th & Broadway; time to be smart about Hwy. 104 near Scotties

OK, I’ve lived in Quincy nearly my whole life. I’m used to turning left on 6th off of Broadway to head downtown, to the Kroc Center, to the courthouse, or wherever. I’m a creature of habit. Have you tried to do this recently?

Well, this is what you’ll see as soon as you turn:

blog 6th St.

Sixth Street facing south, just south of Broadway

Surprise! You get to make a U-turn! Or you can pretend you knew what you were doing and turn into the alley. Sixth Street is going to be closed permanently as the new jail is being built adjacent to the courthouse. I’m all for progress. The new city jail is needed. I’m even fine with closing 6th Street. What I don’t understand is why drivers aren’t warned about the road closure with at least a “NOT A THRU STREET” sign. I get it that alley access is still needed, but surely I’m not the only one who has made this confusing turn. And don’t call me Shirley.

Work on the new jail is progressing. Things have slowed, however, while archaeologists survey and scan the area for possible dead bodies from an 1800’s era graveyard. Officials estimate there could be up to 40 dead bodies on the site. If and when bodies are found they will be removed and relocated.

Speaking of dead bodies, how about we do something about the ridiculous 65 MPH speed limit on Highway 104 before someone gets killed unnecessarily?

The area I’m concerned about is just west of the Scotties Fun Spot/Quincy Raceways entrance. That stretch of highway goes from 45 MPH to 65 MPH about half a mile west of the entrance.

blog 65 mph sign

Hwy. 104, about 1/2 mile west of the Scotties/Quincy Raceways entrance

What are we saving by not pushing the 65 MPH zone about a half mile east of the busy intersection? Maybe 30 seconds of time? What are we risking? Trust me, people are travelling much faster than 65 MPH when they hit that intersection. As Scotties continues to grow and Quincy Raceways is getting in full swing for the summer, this intersection is constantly buzzing.

Blog Scottie's entrance

The entrance to Scotties Fun Spot/Quincy Raceways on Hwy. 104. Traffic routinely zooms past here well over 70 MPH.

I know Quincy Raceways drivers like to drive fast. But I bet they’re not thrilled pulling out of the lot late on Sunday nights, with car trailer in tow, onto an unnecessarily dangerous stretch of highway.

City leaders, work with state leaders and fix this before someone dies.


2 thoughts on “Confusion at 6th & Broadway; time to be smart about Hwy. 104 near Scotties

  1. So how big was this graveyard by 6th and Broadway because my property is just off 6th and between Vermont and Hampshire so only a half a block away from there


  2. And there has been someone killed there by Scotties. It has been years and years ago but I remember an accident there where a little girl was killed.


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